8 Apr 2014

What's going on in that beautiful mind? I'm on your magical mystery ride.

Hey all you beautiful people.

Very late last spring I was asked for a favor by my sister. She wanted me to do her friends makeup on her "bachelorette party" for a photoshoot. In Finland it's traditional to spend the whole day with the bride and do all sorts of insane stuff and drink throughout the day. Everything on Ansku's day was a surprise. My sister even asked me to decorate an insanely delicious carrot cake she had baked. The decorations was to be a clue for her next surprise.

She was to have a photoshoot in her wedding underwear that someone apparently had sneakishly managed to steal from underneath Anskus nose. So my second task of that day was to do Anskus makeup for the shoot. I got directions of what she'd like to look like from not the bride herself but from second and third party. Yet I managed to fulfill the brides exact imagination of her perfect wedding makeup and even though she had already booked a makeupartist for her wedding day she asked me if I was available for that very special day of hers. What an honor! 
On the big day in question I went to the hair salon where she had her hair done and did her makeup there. Soft lilac/purple was the way to go as a contrast to her stunning deep green eyes.
I don't have any pics from the photoshoot but here's a couple of the amazingly and breathtakingly beautiful bride! 

Photos and copyright by Tytti Käyhkö

xx Bettina

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