9 Apr 2014

Everybody's starry-eyed And everybody glows.

This, my dear friends, is my loveliest Malin, who you probably will see a bit more of in this blog.

I got a really amazing Christmas gift from my mum last year. Make up forever academy's weekend course. It was indeed very interesting as I have not done any courses or schooling what so ever. I am completely self taught. So it was refreshing to see how much I actually know and that it isn't just oddball stuff I've randomly come up with. By that I mean within techniques especially. It was a two day course and covered all the basics for everyday/beauty makeup application. For the second day we needed to bring our own model to work on. I asked Malin as she has a great face to experiment on and she loves being a hair model for different salons,- or is it mostly Loreal? We were basically told to do a very basic eye makeup. As everybody else on the course recreated the soft smoky eye that our wonderful teacher Tuija Luukkainen had showed us using myself as a model, I was the only one who went for some colour. I wanted something to melt beautifully together with her red hair and these stunning shades of green were an obvious choice. I had difficulties choosing between red and coral lips as I really wanted to go bold. However I decided that coral lips would be the finishing touch and perfect for this look I was creating on Malin. Tuija agreen and seemed impressed of how well I blended all four colours so well together,- the red hair, the brown eyes, the green eye shadow and coral lips. Stunning isn't she?

Sorry for the picture quality on these ones. I only had my iphone with me.

xx Bettina

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