29 Apr 2014

Better late than never...

Here's the post about Malin that's been postponed.
Will try to pick up the pace from now on. We need to remember that whatever loved ones we've lost are in a better place now. We're the ones hurting they are not.

So I can't remember what exactly I used on Malin this time around but a soft grey eyeshadow with a brownish shimmer applied on top. I wanted a very soft smudged eyeliner to complete the eye.
Lips stayed natural with only the worlds best remedy for dry skin, ANY dry skin, but amazing as a lip balm, - Bepanthen !
Everyone knows about it here in Finland but it's sold as nappy rash cream in the UK. Not sure about USA. I swear by this product. I use it on my lips and any dry patches on my body throughout the year. Wintertime is a real horrific time for my poor hands and I slather some on my hands when I go to bed. I've only found one cream in the UK. A light blue tube with a "pink stripe". Over here we can choose between "pink stripe" which is a whole lot thicker in consistency, and "blue stripe" which is lighter. I always use the thicker one no matter what it's for. It's a bit like "duct tape will fix anything" well so will this!

Aaanywho... Back to Malin. Here she is.

Stunner x

Taken from google.

xx Bettina

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