7 Apr 2014

Fave mascara !

My absolute fave mascara is a ridiculously cheap budget brand mascara. By ridiculously cheap I mean anything under 10€ as you don't really find as cheap makeup in Finland as you find in London for example. I bough this mascara in Boots in London. It's by 17 (Seventeen), and I kind of found it by accident as I was looking for a dark brown or black/brown mascara to apply on my lower lashes only, for a softer look. I can't remember exactly how much it cost me as I even bought it on sale but on boots.com it's now listed at £6,29. That's just over 7 euros ! And it ain't no cheap shit I'll tell you. It's amazing. It's in brown/black and I use it every single day on both upper and lower lashes! I've never been big for the smaller rubber type brushes but this one makes my lashes so lovely, long separated and full ,- if i coat them a couple of times. I've always used waterproof mascara on an everyday basis before as it holds up the curl after I've curled my lashes and have found that with any other regular mascara I've ever tried, my lashes will fall flat within minutes.. This one isn't waterproof yet it still holds the lashes exactly where I want them.
This one gets full five stars from me !

Seventeen doll'd up - up to 24hr curl

xx Bettina

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