12 Apr 2014

There's a billion girls in the world but there's only one You.

So I have a few Naked Cosmetics eyeshadows at home that I still haven't tried out. So far I've been satisfied with the lighter colour but the darker ones has disappointed me. So yet again I was hugely disappointed as the dark green especially washed out completely on the lid though it looks amazing in it's little pot. You can barely notice that there's green and actually just looking at me you can't It looks like a soft grey. I could only see the slightest hint of green in the pictures I took.
I will try it another day with a wet brush or as an eyeliner, as these shadows can be used both dry and wet. Wet for a more intensive look/colour or for the convenience of making it into an eyeliner.
So I won't give these ones a thumb down quite yet...


xx Bettina