12 Apr 2014

My confession ..

Hi guys!

I have a confession to make. I have an addiction. I've had it for years. No matter how hard I try. Even just for one day! I break and fall back into my old habits. How could I not? How can I resist.
Well I suppose it really comes down to whether or not I can resist when it comes to other people. But as for myself, I get this kid of weird satisfaction and joy when I break my own promise in not using highlighter that perticular day. Higlighter. Yes, I said highlighter.

I am completely and utterly addicted to highlighter. I can have a gorgeous matt makeup in mind and be all done and super satisfied with the result but then.... then there is that special white pink brush of mine. Screaming for attention. And in the end. Matt is gorgeous. But I can not survive one day without some glow on my cheeks. And that's just half the truth. I go nuts with it. Browbone, inside corner of the eyes, bridge of my nose, chin, forehead... I want light and glow anywhere and everywhere. Now the funny thing is, that when it comes to myself I have no limits. More is more.

But when it comes to others. Me doing someone elses makeup, I mean. I am truly such a perfectionist that I always know the exact right amount. Whether it's just a subtle glow or nothing at all. I can stop when I need to. I wish I had that strength when it comes to myself.

Heres my two all time favourites! MAC mineralize skinfinish in Lightscapade and
Soap&Glory in Glow All Out  !

xx Bettina

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