31 Jul 2014

Today's look; Black/brown soft smokey eye.

Keep it simple. Keep it soft. With an added little pop of freshness and colour.

Never mind my hair. It has indeed seen better and fresher days however I'm in the middle of nowhere and letting it rest, for it's own good.....

xx Bettina

30 Jul 2014

I don't know just how it happened. I let down my guard.

Hi guys!

Sorry for the bad update on the blog. The internet connection has been insanely bad. Here's however loads of pics on a makeup look I did today. Something very soft an summery. I prefer the look with nude glossy lips however if someone needs a bit more of a colour-pop then a bright pink or purple-ish lipstick would be a great addition to complete the look.
I've used a white shimmery eyeshadow with very light pink undertones, in the inner corners of the eyes, a coral-y blush as eyeshadow on the middle of the lid, and then smudged it all out with a medium grey eyeshadow to complete the look and give some soft smokey-ness and definition to the eye.
Hope you enjoy!
Ask for productlist   x

xx Bettina

20 Jul 2014

No makeup- Makeup Summer Party Look.

This is how I feel the most comfortable in my own skin. As previously mentioned on multiple occasions, I always have the same natural makeup on whether it's for a party or just everyday basic makeup. I just tend to mix it up slightly with small hints of colour and techniques.

Yesterday was my cousins birthday and this was my look for that. Soft no-heat waves  in my hair paired with a very natural looking makeup just to bring out the blue in my eyes, my cheekbones and to complement my tan.

xx Bettina

16 Jul 2014

You're one of a kind living in a world gone plastic Baby you’re so classic.

Smokey brown eyeliner, freckles, blue eyes, blond hair. Ok scratch that. Blue eyes and blond hair don't make a summery look but freckles are so summery, right?
This is the look from the day before yesterday!

xx Bettina

14 Jul 2014

Summer fresh!

Ok so I'm out in the archipelago for 3 weeks and the Internet here is extremely poor. It depends a lot about the weather believe it or not! But as I'm typing I can't get a single web page to open and here I'm sitting with a bunch if great pictures on my laptop that I can't upload and post. Just to be safe I just snapped a few selfies as one does anywhere everywhere anytime and all the time. So for now it's gonna have to do with just these iPhone pics. #gottalovequalitypictures

xx Bettina

9 Jul 2014

Shades of Grey.

Ok, I was running out of light. And fast. So didn't have time for anything more complicated. But who ever said simplicity isn't beautiful?

xx Bettina

8 Jul 2014

I’m not really looking for another mistake.

Sorry guys I've been running around like crazy today and I'm busy this evening so can't promise a makeup post for today. I've got my basic face on as always. But to make it up to you somehow I super quickly snapped a few pics of my outfit. I've cropped out my head as the light source was as wrong as wrong can be, giving my face shadows that was beyond anything flattering. Believe me I'm saving all of your eyes! However this is a bit unusual of me, but thought to try it out. This blog will most certainly not become anything else and will remain a makeup blog but I might upload an outfit pic or two every now and again.

Top- Hollister
Skirt- Lindex
Scarf- Kappahl
Shoes- Guess

Ok time for a run now. busy busy day. Lovely weather! Enjoy the sun everyone!

xx Bettina

7 Jul 2014

I'mma be a fortune hunter.

Here's todays Lipspiration! Enjoy.
I've used Naked Cosmetics shadowcollections;
- Twilight TW04 & TW02
- Ebony EB02 & The second label has been worn out but it's a medium soft purple from the same EB collection.

Don't forget to drench your lips with clear liploss!

xx Bettina