5 Apr 2014

In preparation of...

I'm going out tonight. Some after party thing. I don't go out too often but even when I do I still roll with my basic everyday makeup with slightly more accentuated cheekbones and a bit stronger eyeliner. Nothing more nothing less. Sometimes I get overly excited in doing my makeup and my imagination starts galloping away. I usually then always end up with some strong full eye makeup that in theory might look perfect but in my personal opinion is far too much and does not suit my face. I just don't feel pretty or good looking at all. After all that IS why we do our makeup (on an every day basis, - not going into the full potential of makeup here). To enchance the beautiful features we've already got and feel the most beautiful and confident. 

    Have a lovely Saturday everyone!

In the making of some no-heat relaxed/messy curls.

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