30 Jun 2014

Second 'Look of the Day'.

So after training and obviously showering I needed to do something quick as I ran out of time. I will try to squeeze in some time for some more creative, BOOM - type looks ey-sap!
I choose not to do them after the little one's bedtime in the evening as the lighting by then is so poor that is such a shame to have created something amazing either technique wise, colourwise of both, and the  the lighting washes most of it out and it won't show in the pictures. I might do photography as a hobby but I don't have a studio at home I'm afraid. I don't even have studio type ligthing or any type of lighting that would be suitable for this type of photography.

As previously stated in my last post, if someone in,-and or around Helsinki fancies being made up for free, either with me having free hands over your face or you wanting something specific, give me a shout. Or just politely and quietly reach out to me though the comment box on the right hand side. Whichever you prefer. I'm loud myself so I enjoy both equally loud ones and giving my poor pretty ears a nice break with some calmer types too...

xx Bettina

But they will never get to the heart you hold inside.

Easy. Simple. Quick. Soft. Just how I like it.
Need some models to be made up (In Helsinki area). Interested? Then contact me through the comment box on the right-hand side.

xx Bettina

27 Jun 2014

I can't remember to forget you.

So for about a week or so I've been sporting this super sexy eye infection on my left eye. Good thing red is a good colour on me. And even better, that in case I'd feel like changing up the colour scheme for one day and not being so red, hats suits me rather well too !

Needless to say I've been going utterly and completely makeup less for the past week - "or so"..

My lips on the other hand, has gotten a few moments of pampering.... Here's a little taster on what they've been up too lately.

xx Bettina

24 Jun 2014

With flowers in my hair.

ohh the silence. I apologize. Lately I've had so much on my plate and then we went out to our island in the Finnish archipelago to celebrate midsummer, which btw is massive in Finland. Bigger than in Sweden I'd easily say. Anyhow, to get to the point which I'm told I'm awfully rubbish at, I chose to leave my laptop at home as we were there for such a short time and I knew I wouldn't have much time to sit by the computer. And even For such a short time, anyone with kids will know all the packing one needs to drag along for even just one night anywhere!
So leaving the laptop was quite an easy decision this time around.

I did however have 4 seconds spare time to snap a few pics of my Midsummer-eve look. As no one wears makeup out there in the archipelago I wanted to just freshen up my complexion and feel fresh, pretty and summery. So I did a very light and natural makeup with tinted lip balm on my lips. As I couldn't really get hold of a nice enough variety of flowers to make a wreath to wear, I just used a white flowery head band I had brought along just in case.

The evening was brilliant. They have a very solid tradition year after year how this "lightest day of the year" is celebrated between all of the neighboring islands next to ours. And for certain sad reasons I've been stuck in London for the past 4 years not being able to participate. So for me this year was my first time and boy was I happy to get to be part of it. We've got the best place on earth. The best summer cottage. The best Island. The best of the best neighbors !

Ok, so enough personal stuff. Here's what I looked like.

xx Bettina

16 Jun 2014


Yeah yeah I know a bit too much as headline perhaps but one just gets so exited when one undertsands the difference between quality and quantity. So here you go. Statement lips and naked eyes. Love this look in so many ways and on so many people. Needs the right attitude and personality to pull it off in public though!

xx Bettina

13 Jun 2014

Just look at me, look at me, I've been burning for you so long.

This morning I was doing my makeup as per usual. Listening to great music. Dreaming away. Thinking about my life. Feeling happy. Thinking about how I'm in such a happy place in my life right now. But wait a minute... What's that now?

How can one just drop ones mascara brush? Me? noooooo....! I haven't done that. Just trying out something new. being creative. Lip-art you know?

Here's today. Was loving the orange yesterday so I kept with the orange again today. However I wanted a little more pure orange as yesterday the orange melted together with my lip colour and became a little bit more coral shade-y. So I used my concealer as base for my lips today to have a nude natural base for my orange lips.

Hope you're all surviving with the quality of the pics. Will change veeery soon. Believe me I do photography as a hobby and no, that is NOT with my iPhone but with my DSLR so nobody suffers from these pics now the way I am !!! Oh the torture...

xx Bettina

12 Jun 2014

Your like a shot of pure gold. I think I'm 'bout to explode.

For todays look I went with something really quick and simple, yet I found my inspiration in a few comments I saw on a site last night. I can't remember the site as I was just flicking though pages randomly surfing the net while trying to stay awake waiting for my sis who wanted to fashionshow for me. It was some video post about this summers biggest trend of orange/peach/coral colours and quite a few had commented on that particular post that, well basically, that the video was quite bullshit as thy couldn't wear any of those colours in a million years. Well I'd like to disagree and I also did so while commenting offering those who feel this way to contact me though my blog and I will 'do them up' and prove them wrong. Find a "never in a million years"- colour that suits them perfectly. As they mentioned themselves that it's not just about the colour. It's just as well about any shade of that colour.

Well let me tell you my lovelies why I so strongly disagree and why I'm up for the challenge to prove a.n.y.b.o.d.y who disagrees with me, wrong!

It's not just about the colour nor just about the shade. They play a massive part, yes. Don't  get me wrong but it's equally as much if not more up to how it's applied and how the rest of the face is made up. You need to find a harmony in the face. If your very pale and a little bit of a wallflower and not about to walk out on the catwalk for a fashionshow you obviously should stay way clear of MAC's brightest matt orange lipstick. Depending on the look one goes for and what type of style and personality one has, the colours has to harmonize and complement each other on the face.

Myself I've been a massive "never in a million years" kind of person and not even as a teenager but just a few years ago I felt this way about orange especially. Not anymore though as I, to my joy, proved myself wrong.

Here I'm sporting orange on the lips and coral on my cheeks.

And to complete the look I kept clothes quite natural. LOVE beige ...

And to add a pop of colour in the spirit of the makeup;

What do you think What's your "never in a million years" colour?

xx Bettina

11 Jun 2014

Don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars.

So I had a few of my Naked Cosmetics eyeshadows with me and hey are amazing applied wet so I decided I wanted to do an eyeliner look today. I used shade EB-03 from the Ebony Collection,- see it Here . I unfortunately enough, did not have my Mixin liquid from Make Up Store - which by the way is a MUST HaVE! I can assure you. Use the mixing liquid for your cake eyeliner or nearly any eyeshadow you can imagine (sometimes the quality and type of some solid eyeshadows don't agree with liquid) and it'll become next to waterproof and smudgeproof. It's amazing and puuuurrrfect for beach season!!
So yeah. I didn't have that one. Bummer. I went along with water. Not the greatest of ideas as the colour comes off from he lightest touch after it dries. Which I knew. But hey ho, what does one do in a desperate attempt of proving oneself wrong?  Meaning my eyelashcurler was full of the stunningly glittery green whilst left on my lid was a very dull greyish shadow of there the beautiful glimmer once had been.... I touched up on the eyeliner once I'd applied mascara but it for sure won't stay neat for long. Not even hours I'm sure.

Super too bad I didn't have my camera as this colour as an eyeliner is actually really cool!
Will redo this look with both Mixing liquid and my wonderful DSLR..

xx Bettina