5 Apr 2014

The first blog post.

Here we are. Finally. If you only knew how long I've been thinking about starting this blog. But so much has constantly happened, preventing me from putting enough time and energy into this, as it requires. But now. I will share makeup looks I do on myself and on others. It's no rare thing that when I do different makeup looks on myself I struggle to just do the makeup I intended to do to begin with. I end up needing to try "this n' that" product/technique and god only knows where I end up. This happens far to often, especially when I don't have the time for it!!
Personally though, I adore doing insane, strong, powerful an colorful makeups. However, I do feel most comfortable with a very light makeup on myself.
Hope whoever finds their way here to my blog will feel inspired and maybe even learn a thing or two! :)

1 comment:

  1. Välkommen till bloggvärlden!!
    - J