16 Apr 2014

Early bird.

Good morning. 

I was going to do a 'makeup in the car challenge' but since I smartly enough went and packed away my makeup somewhere god knows where I might end up doing a 'makeup on a boat challenge' later on today. 

But I'd take this time here in the car at 6AM and with barely 4 hours of sleep to introduce to you what seems to be saving my nails. 

I can't even begin to describe how horrifically bad they are. They peel, break and chip as if I'd be rubbing them against a cheese grater multiple times daily!!
I can't even dream about using nail polish as it makes it about 5 times worse. I've been trying so many things but nothing works even just slightly.

When I did some more research into it all I found that a lot of people seems to have the experience that cuticle oil not only makes their cuticles nourished and soft but also strengthens the nail. 
So I started looking at reviews and decided to try out Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil. It had mixed reviews as all products do to some extent but in majority it had really great ones!
I applied it morning and evening for a few days until I realised that because of the situation of my nails I probably need to drench them throughout the day whenever and as often as I can. In less than a week I could see a difference. Not a massive miraculous one as I might've hope for but a good enough one to hope that one beautiful day I can paint my nails with glorious colours and PASTELS. I am completely and utterly pastel crazed right now. Accessories, clothes, nail polishes, handbags, shoes, you name it! 

Anyone else felt that Essie came to save the day?

xx Bettina

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