12 Jun 2014

Your like a shot of pure gold. I think I'm 'bout to explode.

For todays look I went with something really quick and simple, yet I found my inspiration in a few comments I saw on a site last night. I can't remember the site as I was just flicking though pages randomly surfing the net while trying to stay awake waiting for my sis who wanted to fashionshow for me. It was some video post about this summers biggest trend of orange/peach/coral colours and quite a few had commented on that particular post that, well basically, that the video was quite bullshit as thy couldn't wear any of those colours in a million years. Well I'd like to disagree and I also did so while commenting offering those who feel this way to contact me though my blog and I will 'do them up' and prove them wrong. Find a "never in a million years"- colour that suits them perfectly. As they mentioned themselves that it's not just about the colour. It's just as well about any shade of that colour.

Well let me tell you my lovelies why I so strongly disagree and why I'm up for the challenge to prove a.n.y.b.o.d.y who disagrees with me, wrong!

It's not just about the colour nor just about the shade. They play a massive part, yes. Don't  get me wrong but it's equally as much if not more up to how it's applied and how the rest of the face is made up. You need to find a harmony in the face. If your very pale and a little bit of a wallflower and not about to walk out on the catwalk for a fashionshow you obviously should stay way clear of MAC's brightest matt orange lipstick. Depending on the look one goes for and what type of style and personality one has, the colours has to harmonize and complement each other on the face.

Myself I've been a massive "never in a million years" kind of person and not even as a teenager but just a few years ago I felt this way about orange especially. Not anymore though as I, to my joy, proved myself wrong.

Here I'm sporting orange on the lips and coral on my cheeks.

And to complete the look I kept clothes quite natural. LOVE beige ...

And to add a pop of colour in the spirit of the makeup;

What do you think What's your "never in a million years" colour?

xx Bettina

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