11 Jun 2014

Don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars.

So I had a few of my Naked Cosmetics eyeshadows with me and hey are amazing applied wet so I decided I wanted to do an eyeliner look today. I used shade EB-03 from the Ebony Collection,- see it Here . I unfortunately enough, did not have my Mixin liquid from Make Up Store - which by the way is a MUST HaVE! I can assure you. Use the mixing liquid for your cake eyeliner or nearly any eyeshadow you can imagine (sometimes the quality and type of some solid eyeshadows don't agree with liquid) and it'll become next to waterproof and smudgeproof. It's amazing and puuuurrrfect for beach season!!
So yeah. I didn't have that one. Bummer. I went along with water. Not the greatest of ideas as the colour comes off from he lightest touch after it dries. Which I knew. But hey ho, what does one do in a desperate attempt of proving oneself wrong?  Meaning my eyelashcurler was full of the stunningly glittery green whilst left on my lid was a very dull greyish shadow of there the beautiful glimmer once had been.... I touched up on the eyeliner once I'd applied mascara but it for sure won't stay neat for long. Not even hours I'm sure.

Super too bad I didn't have my camera as this colour as an eyeliner is actually really cool!
Will redo this look with both Mixing liquid and my wonderful DSLR..

xx Bettina

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