2 Jun 2014

Inside my makeup bag .

Ok so as I was digging through my basic everyday makeup bag for my scissors I noticed something must've broke in there as I pulled out my hand and my fingers had turned brownish black. I realised its about time to do another little clean out of my makeup bag. I do this a few times a year as I want my makeup to stay neat and tidy. I wipe them off, in this case with a baby wipe as I happened to have some right there next to me. Very clever to take with you travelling, even if not having a child. And they are a great refresher if in a place where a shower is an impossibility, wipe off makeup and/or cleaning up any other other dirt on the body/hands. Ok, so I'm getting off track here but baby wipes are Great for loads !

So I have some unusual everyday items here. Meaning they're not my everyday items. I just had the photo shoot with Malin and some products kind if ended up where they don't belong as I concentrated on packing more important essentials for this weeklong holiday! 

I go makeup less pretty much every day. If you have the chance too, do it too. As it's do healthy for the skin to have a break, breathe and renew itself. But never forget to wash and moisturise properly anyways! Twice a day! Yes, I'm talking to you! You who do it once a day a few times a week - if you remember, often falling asleep with makeup on or washing it off poorly with loads of residue left on the skin and lashes when going to sleep. Oh even writing this and thinking about it makes me frown. And that's not a great look for me so let's move on.. 

Here's the dirty little thing. Need to buy a new one as this is too small and never been too greatly fond of it. 

I had a little helper putting it all back in its place. 

xx Bettina

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