24 Jun 2014

With flowers in my hair.

ohh the silence. I apologize. Lately I've had so much on my plate and then we went out to our island in the Finnish archipelago to celebrate midsummer, which btw is massive in Finland. Bigger than in Sweden I'd easily say. Anyhow, to get to the point which I'm told I'm awfully rubbish at, I chose to leave my laptop at home as we were there for such a short time and I knew I wouldn't have much time to sit by the computer. And even For such a short time, anyone with kids will know all the packing one needs to drag along for even just one night anywhere!
So leaving the laptop was quite an easy decision this time around.

I did however have 4 seconds spare time to snap a few pics of my Midsummer-eve look. As no one wears makeup out there in the archipelago I wanted to just freshen up my complexion and feel fresh, pretty and summery. So I did a very light and natural makeup with tinted lip balm on my lips. As I couldn't really get hold of a nice enough variety of flowers to make a wreath to wear, I just used a white flowery head band I had brought along just in case.

The evening was brilliant. They have a very solid tradition year after year how this "lightest day of the year" is celebrated between all of the neighboring islands next to ours. And for certain sad reasons I've been stuck in London for the past 4 years not being able to participate. So for me this year was my first time and boy was I happy to get to be part of it. We've got the best place on earth. The best summer cottage. The best Island. The best of the best neighbors !

Ok, so enough personal stuff. Here's what I looked like.

xx Bettina


  1. Love your make up! Really fresh ♥


  2. Thanks sweetness! so lovely of you to say x