10 Jun 2014

Cuz I never knew what I wanted, 'til I looked into your eyes.

Only 5 days more of super quality pics after this! Hang on lovelies, it can only get better once you're at the bottom! whoooa am I being depressing or cheerful? ha!

I'd be a nightmare to be around as we speak. My cousin already had a little taste of it and unfortunately enough she's got more coming but I've got a little case of diarrhea of the mouth and I can't stop babbling once I start. Super happy mood despite the rainy weather. For some reason I'm just loving it, loving life loving all the people around me. Gonna grab me umbrella and take a little stroll in the rain now I reckon. Summer rain smells so amazing.

Enjoy todays; soft purples.

oh and here's todays nails, just simple and classy.

Lots of love and kisses to all of you. Hope you're having as lovely a day as I am !!

xx Bettina

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