21 May 2014

Tips !

So as I was flicking through some new blogs I stumbled upon one telling about this new under eye-hide your bags- amazeballs-three toned- creme thingy that she'd gotten. She had lovely pictures, step by step on how to use the product (no makeup blogger) and I reacted on how she used the small brush that came with the under-eye concealer. Dabbing it in the product and applying to her face and over again. Probably as far too many people do. Using the same brush directly into the creamy products and as we all know, are far too lazy to wash their brushes even for about.... let's face it, you'd easily go 6 months without doing it? some even more! Oh, the horror!

I know this is a really really hard thing to do beacuse as you don't see the bacteria they're just not there, right!?

Please people please ! Use a q-tip (cotton bud) and DON'T double dip!! Or like me, use the back of one of your brushes and put a small amount on the back of your hand and you can then use whatever brush you want and double dip as any times as pleases you!

Dry products are easier to keep hygienic but as any damp or wet thing in a warm-ish place,- it's paradise for bacteria and your double dipping is like a 5 star all inclusive hotel ! FOR FREE !

The products go bad much much much quicker and... is your skin dry? dry patches? small unusual breakouts? - Q-TIP PEOPLE I'm telling you... Even if you can't see it !

And never ever stick your finger in it! 

As you can tell, I'm scraping off the amount of lipstick i want, putting it on the back of my hand and applying it with a lip brush. I do this whether it's for myself or for someone else. My lipsticks always stay fresh and hygienic!

Eyeshadow primer,- same thing.

xx Bettina

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