22 May 2014

Essie review !

Ok, so here's two products I'm usin from Essie. One is a nail strengthening base coat called Millionails, that I have absolutely nothing bad to say about after using it for a few weeks. The ONLY product claiming to strenghten the nail that not only doesn't make my neails weaker, peel-y and break, but actually seems to have made them slightly stronger. Not too amused about the price of it though at around 17-20 € depending on where in Finland you buy it AND if I'm not a complete utter lier, as I have to admit, I can't remember what it costs. I got it on offer so I think I payer around 13-14 € for this. Even so, as it seems to only have positive effects on my nails, I can over come the price and eat and drink bread and water for a week or so, if necessary.

The second one is one that is on offer (with Plussa card at Anttila) now, or was still just a few days ago, at the price of 14€ (can't find the receipt anywhere and Anttila does not have this particular Essie product on their website...) Essie Quick- e drying drops !

I tried out the drops last night half an hour BEFORE BED !!!  As you may remember I wrote a little about my nail and polish problems here, and these drops, Lo and Behold, actually work like tiny very oily drops of magic ! I've only used it once so far, last night. But will wipe off my nail polish from today and try it out again right now as we speak. Will keep you posted about this wonder product but so far I am beyond amazed. A little insane prize, but for someone who can not use nailpolish unless i have 12 hours to lie around and literally do nothing so that the polish can dry, this one is an out of this world super trouper amazeballs have to have nail essential!

This is what it promises ;
"in a rush? set your mani super fast with these salon professional drying drops & be on the go in 60 seconds. apply after polish and top coat, use drops to seal manicure in a flash and enhance shine."

- Read here .

I'll keep you posted.

xx Bettina

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