11 May 2014

One thing's for sure, I ain't no nail nerd.

I LOVE nails. And nail polishes. I have LOADS of them and craving for more all the time. As my nails' always been in such a bad condition, splitting, breaking, peeling, you name it! I very rarely have the chance to wear my pretty polishes. But as for now, after using Essies apricot cuticle oil, of which I wrote about here, my nails are stronger than probably ever before!
So I took out my massive treasure chest of polishes, and with a ridiculous grin on my face, started painting away.

Much to my joy I was reminded of how my nails aren't meant to be prettily polished. And yes, I know that ain't a word.

Light kind of see-through colous has been fine but I've always had issues with any solid colour and especially reds and darker shades. They don't dry. And I'm not kidding when I'm telling you that I used to start painting my nails first thing in the morning just to get them finished in the afternoon/evening. Because I need to paint a VERY thin layers and let it dry for multiple HOURS before going in with the next layer! Still... not kidding!

As of yesterday I was using this solid nude-type colour. One thin layer. One hour later and after pressing on my nails to make sure it is dry I applied a pink-ish see though glossy coat on top. this was about, say 6-7-ish hours before my bedtime. And in that time I've changes nappies, dressed and undressed a two year old, played with him, bathed him, dried him. cooked for him, washed up. And not a single mark on my nails. Oh, have I mentioned I have a son?

But then this morning... I woke up to the lovliest little surprise. Sheet marks all over my nails. You hear the sarcasm? no? too bad because it's damn sure there!

I'm using good quality polishes and yes my nails are free from dirt and any kinds of oils.
Anybody got this problem? Or more likely, anybody got a SOLUTION? Calling out for all lovely talented nailnerds here!!

Let's just blame it on me being too good of a photographer to have captured the stunning light instead of the horrific situation of my nails. I swear it's a lot worse than what's seen here...

Thankfully, with this shade it's not massively noticable, as it would be with any other colour. Unacceptable nevertheless.

xx Bettina

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  1. Feel you, har exakt samma problem!! Så frustrerande.
    - JJ