26 May 2014

Bad internet

So I have these bad news about the Internet of where I'm at. I actually do have Internet... On my phone. The one on my laptop doesn't work and connecting my phones interned to my laptop didn't work either. It was too slow to get online. Hence, this week will be a bit slow. I don't want to post rubbish iPhone pictures of pretty makeups on here. I'm all about quality. Not quantity. But since I don't want to go a full week without any posts I will sacrifice certain products and as in this post, my nails for some horrific quality images. The dent on my pinky was a screw up on me but hadn't the chance to redo the whole nail so I just filled it in. 

So the Essie quick-e drops... Amazed. I'm amazed. The morning after I painted them within an hour of going to bed they had so little sheet marks that they looked slightly more matte than the glossy finish they should've. But nothing too obvious. I added a new coat that evening and same thing again only a little less matte than that morning. I've kept them untouched like this for nearly four days now. And whoever has a toddler knows what ones hands and nails go through in just a day. All the washing, scrubbing, cleaning, playing, you name it. It's amazing that I haven't had anything done to touch them up or completely redo them up until now. Just a tiny chip on two nails in total. Both on left hand which is a surprise since I'm right handed...
Normally, my nails would've chipped the first day!!
Today is nail pampering day. Out with the old, in with the new. Hand cream and lots n' lots of Essie's Apricol oil! 

xx Bettina

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