18 Aug 2014

So even if disaster strikes I close my eyes and then I’m next to you .

So here's the look from the other day. I dragged out the eyeliner I usually always wear just to mix it up for a change.As previously mentioned when talking about my basic makeup routine, as I don't go out with the more brighter, stronger, more colourful makeup looks I do on here, my wonderproduct is MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown matte. I use it for everything. It's gorgeous in the crease of the eye. It's perfect for my colour eyebrows. It's perfection as shading! Eyeliner! Smokey eye! Blending out black smokey eye!
I can not possibly fault this one. Remember that just because it's the perfect shade for me, does not necessarily mean it is so for you. Especially on the eyebrows. However you can freehandedly go nuts with this MAC shadow on your eyes never mind your skin,- or haircolour! It's also quite a super safe choice for shading for anyone. Obviously if your skintone is on the darker side or the shadow itself you need to opt for a darker shadow. However for any skintones ligher than the shadow itself, it will work perfectly.

One mistake that people do far too easily is to use ones bronzer as shadong. NO PLEASE DON'T! Bronzer is extremely rarely the shade of a shadow in your face. It's always with an undertone which often is orange-y. Why this MAC shadow is such a safe choice is because it is the perfect shade of, well a shadow. It's a very grey-ish brown. So what one might want to do then is shade ones face with the shadow and then sweep a little bronzer over the face to get that lovely sunkissed look
Don't mix up these two!!

xx Bettina

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