30 Aug 2014

Downtown Abbey with a modernised twist .

Ansku called me a while back to book me for a last minute makeup sesh. Unfortunately I was unable to make it in such a short notice that time but then she remembered this occasion today. So we booked it well in advance. Was great fun to see her again. I warned her about me being under the weather however she didn't care. She wanted her makeup done. Such a sweetheart!!
I did her makeup for the first time during her bachelorette party for a photoshoot. She ended up loving the makeup so much she booked me for her wedding. You can read more about it here.

In the rush of her having to leave I only managed to snap a few pics of which only two were sharp enough for me to want to publish. Her invitation for this party was, as I understood it, quite Downtown Abbey inspired so I went with Edwardian Time colour scheme together with the roundness and softness of the makeup from that era but with a modern twist. I also applied 5 falsh lash singles on each eye as she feels her own lashes are a bit too short. So just to give that little bit of extra VaVoom,- but not to take the twist too far!

She's just so beautiful!! Look at those green eyes!!! Hope she has a blast tonight!

xx Bettina


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