10 Aug 2014

Okay you're coverboy pretty Stamped with a beauty mark But it's such a pity a boy so pretty With an ugly heart.

My fingers were a bit ticklish and I felt so inspired for so many reasons and wanted to do so many different looks. However my lack of time made me choose just one and that was a big problem. I ended up with a full blue eye as I just read online today somewhere that one should NEVER use blue eyeshadow for blue eyes. Now have a look below and please do share your opinions on whether you agree or disagree. I just couldn't resist and had to do this !

I have to separately write a full post about this regarding what colours to use and what not to use because it just ticks me off and it's far to late for me to get into that right now. I promise a post about it though. But just in a nutshell, yes there are certain colours that brings out a certain eye-colour better than others do or just complements and harmonizes with the eyecolour better HOOOOWEVER I completely utterly strongly massively entirely disagree that a certain coloured eyeshadow simply can not be used for a certain coloured eye. Period.

As said, more on this later as I really got myself going here now. Sigh... how shall I sleep now?

xx Bettina


  1. in my expert opinion så tycker jag att de kanske dämpar dina ögon lite, fast snygg meik är det ju oberoende!

  2. Men då var det inte frågan om att göra en sminkning som skulle framhäva det blåa i mina ögon, för det göre inte blått mot blått. Pointen var att det inte finns någon färg som är fel att använda mot vilka som helst färgs ögon. :) Men tack!

  3. Du har ju faktiskt lyckas få exakt samma färg som du har på dina ögon :)

    1. inte vad jag strävade efter men tack, jag tänker ta det som en komplimang! :)

    2. så var det meningen :)