8 Jul 2014

I’m not really looking for another mistake.

Sorry guys I've been running around like crazy today and I'm busy this evening so can't promise a makeup post for today. I've got my basic face on as always. But to make it up to you somehow I super quickly snapped a few pics of my outfit. I've cropped out my head as the light source was as wrong as wrong can be, giving my face shadows that was beyond anything flattering. Believe me I'm saving all of your eyes! However this is a bit unusual of me, but thought to try it out. This blog will most certainly not become anything else and will remain a makeup blog but I might upload an outfit pic or two every now and again.

Top- Hollister
Skirt- Lindex
Scarf- Kappahl
Shoes- Guess

Ok time for a run now. busy busy day. Lovely weather! Enjoy the sun everyone!

xx Bettina