3 Jul 2014

I got that Coca Cola bottle shape, But how much Cola can your body take?

So here's the look I've promised previously of my beloved eyeliner turned lipliner. I love this shade on my lips. Adding on just a slight hint of it, smudging it out and adding a peachy, orange-y, nude or clear lipgloss on top. luvluvluv.
However as I've mentioned in a previous post, I've never ever actually used this on anything but my lips. You can see some of my other looks wit this MUA Makeup Academy Intense Colour Eye Liner in Bright Orange included here, here and here.
I'm loving the Ombre brows!

This look converted into something a little bit more people friendly and a little less photoshoot would be amazing on the beach! Think, just the bright eyeliner only using a bringht orange eyeshadow, mixing it with Make Up Stores mixing liquid making it almost completely waterproof and applying it for a solid non smudgeable eyeliner for a sweaty and wet beach sesh. With just a tad white eyeliner on the waterline to brighten up your look, some lovely coral colour on your cheeks and a glossy or glittery nude lipgoss ! Ohhh I'm winding myself up. CAN'T WAIT to do this look now !!

Oh and one more thing before I let you off my rambling.. Orange is such a strong contrast to blue. So all the blue eyed ladies (and gents ;) ) out there, holla !! - This will makeup your blue eyes POP!

xx Bettina

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