30 Aug 2014

Downtown Abbey with a modernised twist .

Ansku called me a while back to book me for a last minute makeup sesh. Unfortunately I was unable to make it in such a short notice that time but then she remembered this occasion today. So we booked it well in advance. Was great fun to see her again. I warned her about me being under the weather however she didn't care. She wanted her makeup done. Such a sweetheart!!
I did her makeup for the first time during her bachelorette party for a photoshoot. She ended up loving the makeup so much she booked me for her wedding. You can read more about it here.

In the rush of her having to leave I only managed to snap a few pics of which only two were sharp enough for me to want to publish. Her invitation for this party was, as I understood it, quite Downtown Abbey inspired so I went with Edwardian Time colour scheme together with the roundness and softness of the makeup from that era but with a modern twist. I also applied 5 falsh lash singles on each eye as she feels her own lashes are a bit too short. So just to give that little bit of extra VaVoom,- but not to take the twist too far!

She's just so beautiful!! Look at those green eyes!!! Hope she has a blast tonight!

xx Bettina

18 Aug 2014

So even if disaster strikes I close my eyes and then I’m next to you .

So here's the look from the other day. I dragged out the eyeliner I usually always wear just to mix it up for a change.As previously mentioned when talking about my basic makeup routine, as I don't go out with the more brighter, stronger, more colourful makeup looks I do on here, my wonderproduct is MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown matte. I use it for everything. It's gorgeous in the crease of the eye. It's perfect for my colour eyebrows. It's perfection as shading! Eyeliner! Smokey eye! Blending out black smokey eye!
I can not possibly fault this one. Remember that just because it's the perfect shade for me, does not necessarily mean it is so for you. Especially on the eyebrows. However you can freehandedly go nuts with this MAC shadow on your eyes never mind your skin,- or haircolour! It's also quite a super safe choice for shading for anyone. Obviously if your skintone is on the darker side or the shadow itself you need to opt for a darker shadow. However for any skintones ligher than the shadow itself, it will work perfectly.

One mistake that people do far too easily is to use ones bronzer as shadong. NO PLEASE DON'T! Bronzer is extremely rarely the shade of a shadow in your face. It's always with an undertone which often is orange-y. Why this MAC shadow is such a safe choice is because it is the perfect shade of, well a shadow. It's a very grey-ish brown. So what one might want to do then is shade ones face with the shadow and then sweep a little bronzer over the face to get that lovely sunkissed look
Don't mix up these two!!

xx Bettina

16 Aug 2014

Never doubt what you're made of There's a hero in everyone.

Ok, so I had my fair bit of issues getting these pics of this makeup. It gets dark so quickly and I really don't have the proper type of lighting at home for this purpose. I am not happy with the pics and it did  unfortunately not bring out the makeup the way it really looked. However I hope I can find a way to get around this problem without having to ruin myself by getting that amaaazing makeup mirror I want and am completely in love with! Well in that case I could just as well sort out my own makeup room. Two birds you know... ;)

Oh, that reminds me. For today's look I was inspired by parrots but in a slightly softer and almost pastel like hues and tones. Hope you enjoy!

xx Bettina

10 Aug 2014

Okay you're coverboy pretty Stamped with a beauty mark But it's such a pity a boy so pretty With an ugly heart.

My fingers were a bit ticklish and I felt so inspired for so many reasons and wanted to do so many different looks. However my lack of time made me choose just one and that was a big problem. I ended up with a full blue eye as I just read online today somewhere that one should NEVER use blue eyeshadow for blue eyes. Now have a look below and please do share your opinions on whether you agree or disagree. I just couldn't resist and had to do this !

I have to separately write a full post about this regarding what colours to use and what not to use because it just ticks me off and it's far to late for me to get into that right now. I promise a post about it though. But just in a nutshell, yes there are certain colours that brings out a certain eye-colour better than others do or just complements and harmonizes with the eyecolour better HOOOOWEVER I completely utterly strongly massively entirely disagree that a certain coloured eyeshadow simply can not be used for a certain coloured eye. Period.

As said, more on this later as I really got myself going here now. Sigh... how shall I sleep now?

xx Bettina

31 Jul 2014

Today's look; Black/brown soft smokey eye.

Keep it simple. Keep it soft. With an added little pop of freshness and colour.

Never mind my hair. It has indeed seen better and fresher days however I'm in the middle of nowhere and letting it rest, for it's own good.....

xx Bettina

30 Jul 2014

I don't know just how it happened. I let down my guard.

Hi guys!

Sorry for the bad update on the blog. The internet connection has been insanely bad. Here's however loads of pics on a makeup look I did today. Something very soft an summery. I prefer the look with nude glossy lips however if someone needs a bit more of a colour-pop then a bright pink or purple-ish lipstick would be a great addition to complete the look.
I've used a white shimmery eyeshadow with very light pink undertones, in the inner corners of the eyes, a coral-y blush as eyeshadow on the middle of the lid, and then smudged it all out with a medium grey eyeshadow to complete the look and give some soft smokey-ness and definition to the eye.
Hope you enjoy!
Ask for productlist   x

xx Bettina

20 Jul 2014

No makeup- Makeup Summer Party Look.

This is how I feel the most comfortable in my own skin. As previously mentioned on multiple occasions, I always have the same natural makeup on whether it's for a party or just everyday basic makeup. I just tend to mix it up slightly with small hints of colour and techniques.

Yesterday was my cousins birthday and this was my look for that. Soft no-heat waves  in my hair paired with a very natural looking makeup just to bring out the blue in my eyes, my cheekbones and to complement my tan.

xx Bettina

16 Jul 2014

You're one of a kind living in a world gone plastic Baby you’re so classic.

Smokey brown eyeliner, freckles, blue eyes, blond hair. Ok scratch that. Blue eyes and blond hair don't make a summery look but freckles are so summery, right?
This is the look from the day before yesterday!

xx Bettina